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Preparation of 501 c(3)

Starting a nonprofit organization is a complex process, however GWB & Associates has developed a customized, comprehensive approach designed to incorporate your nonprofit, secure the 501(c)(3) status and help you achieve long-term success. Contact us now for more information on how to get started.

Business Entity Formation Assistance

We will work closely with you on selecting the best entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation) for your circumstances.

Business Plans & Proposals

It’s serious business applying for loans, lines of credit, grants, or funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Most oftem, you often only get one chance to make your best impression. The last thing you need is to be denied funding just because of the quality and content of your business plan or proposal.

Tax Planning, Preparation and Representation

We will keep you informed of changes in the tax laws via newsletters and notices. We will automatically do whatever is necessary to keep you from incurring late filing penalties and we always search out the least taxing way to comply with our very complex tax laws. We do our best to encourage planning meetings by offering a discounted session after the end of tax season.

We prepare tax returns for residents of many states beside Illinois and Indiana. Some are for Illinois non residents with an Illinois filing requirement, but others have moved out and continued to engage us. We therefore, know the rules for many other states, and the differences that can occur in tax treatment between Illinois, Indiana, the federal government and other states.

In the event of an audit, we represent you before governmental authorities. However, our tax preparation methodology attempts to avoid this outcome by questioning obvious issues on the face of the return. Our goal is to be prepared, in advance, for any eventuality.

We also specialize in the preparation if Income, Employment, Sales and Excise Taxes. Call or send us a Message via our Contact Page to begin working one-on-one with your professional tax consultant now.

Business Accounting, Reporting & Write-Up Services

We will manage your monthly, quarterly and annual accounting requirements, including the preparation of financial statements. These might be required by outside parties, such as banks, lessors and insurers. The statements are prepared on either the cash or accrual basis of accounting, depending on your business model, which gives the most accurate depiction of how your business is doing.

Small Business Consulting Services and Planning

From a consistent, accurate and complete set of records, we have the basis for consulting and advising you about your business. Most small business owners need to consult with their trusted advisors regularly regarding almost any facet of their business. We will take the time necessary each month to ensure that all of your questions – no matter how simple or complex – get answered fast.

We are in the unique position of understanding your industry and small business. After more than 26 years of “hands on” business experience, we are the Small Business Pros.

Loan Packaging

GWB & Associaties also provides loan packaging services to new and existing businesses. This service covers, at the customer’s request, the ability to preview, prepare, and help submit a complete package of financial information to primary, public or other funding sources. By utilizing this service, you will have more than 26 years of corporate & business financial experience working to assure that your loan package meets or exceeds lender requirements.

ou can learn more about GWB & ASSOCIATES services by browsing through the services web pages on our website or by contacting our customer service desk/team. For information about obtaining specific certificates for our services, please contact our customer service team.